Time to change the oil…


There is lots of discussion on the Viper forums about how to break the car in and when to change the oil.  I decided to do my first change at a little over 500 miles and plan on doing it at least every 3,000.



14mm Socket

Torque Wrench

1” Box Wrench

Oil Filter Wrench

Oil Hand Pump


15 Quart Oil Pan (and a second smaller pan for the impatient)

11 Quarts of Mobil 1 0W-40 Synthetic Motor Oil

1 K&N HP2005 Oil Filter

Anti-seize compound

Disposable Gloves

Paper Towels


Raise the front end of the car – If you use standard ramps like I do, you’ll need extensions so that the fascia doesn’t hit the ramps (the extensions are the black pieces in the picture).


On the Ramps



The oil drain plug is on the lower-left center of the engine (left-right is based on sitting in one of the seats looking forward), and the filter is more towards the front, a little right of center (with the top of the filter facing straight down).


View Under Car from Front Left



Place a large oil pan under the drain plug (I have a 15 Qt pan with caps that makes it easy to take the used oil to a recycling place) and remove the drain plug with a 14mm socket.  It’s a lot of oil (11 quarts total) so it’s going to take a while…


When you remove the plug, clean off all the metal shavings on its magnetic tip.  This was from my first oil change at 574 miles:




While the oil is draining, you can get another small oil pan and place it under the filter.  You might want to put on a rubber glove when you remove the filter (I needed a filter wrench), because a bunch of oil will pour down your hand/arm.  Once the oil is finished draining out from where the filter was, make sure to remove the old gasket – my original factory gasket stayed on the car, not on the filter - and clean things up.




Fill the filter with oil before installing it (since it gets installed upside down) – it’ll take about 7 ounces.  Rub a little oil around the gasket, and screw the filter on until it just touches the engine.  From there, use a 1” box wrench to tighten the filter one revolution.


It will take a while for the oil to drain out of the pan, sometimes I’ll let it drain overnight, but since the car is on an angle, I use an oil hand pump to try to get as much of the old stuff out as possible. 



To reinstall the plug, I always use a touch of anti-seize compound.  Tighten to 25 ft-lb of torque.  Now start dumping in oil (I always use a funnel to avoid the inevitable drips on the engine).



Be careful not to put in too much – not all of the old stuff drained out since the car is not level, and the dip stick will show less than what’s really in there when its on the ramps.  I put in about 8-9 quarts, start it up, back off the ramps to level ground, and then add more until its full…