1990 XJ-S Coupe (US Spec, 5.3L V12)


The Yokohama tires the previous owner had on my ’90 XJ-S Coupe were worn out.  I wanted to replace them with the (uncommon) tire size that was stock: 235/60R-15.  I’ve read that the XJ-S is the only car that takes this size, but I am not certain.  Local tire shops couldn’t find the size, charged too much, or took too long to order.  One of the guys agreed to install tires if I got them.  Searching the Internet, I found that Victoria Tire had a couple of choices at decent prices.  I was first going to order the Pirelli P6000 with the recommended V speed rating (150 MPH), but it turned out that they could not really get them in the needed size.


I opted for the Michelin Pilot XGT H4 “Passenger High Performance All-Season” - $110 each.  They were delivered to my home in New Jersey from California in two boxes for a total of $499.27.  These tires are “H” speed rated (130 MPH), lower than recommended, but faster than I ever plan on going.


My local tire guy installed and balanced the set of four for $60 (I made sure he put all balance weights on the inside of the rim).  The tires handle decently and have good traction on dry pavement.  Watch out on snow…



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