PCV – Purge Control Valve

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Purge Control Valve (Part Number C44231)

Flathead Screwdriver

Wire/Buffing Wheel


The Purge Control Valve (PCV) is part of the “Crankcase Ventilation System” (covered in the XJ-S Service Manual Volume 2, Section 17.2 “Emission Control 5.3 Litre”) which allows vapors to escape from the engine.  I could not find a reference to a maintenance interval, but I knew that it should be replaced on a somewhat regular basis.


My first question was “where the hell is the PCV on the V12?”  It is inserted into the back of the left-side Air Filter Housing, forward of the throttle.  It is connected via a short hose to the “PCV Crossover Pipe”.


I got one from AutoPartsGo (their Part Number B2040-37498) for $33.62 for my ’90, but as per “Experience in a Book”, I picked up a Fram FV202 PCV for about $5 at a local Wal*Mart Store for my ‘91.  The Fram PCV had some hard black plastic attached to one end that I simply cut off with a knife and then was an exact fit.  After the fact, I’d say I’m happier with the more expensive PCV Valve as it has less of a rattling sound when the engine is running – I don’t want to think that something else is rattling under the hood!


Jaguar OEM Purge Control Valve



In my opinion, the easiest way to get to the PCV is to remove the “PCV Crossover Pipe”.  The PCV Valve and its short hose will wiggle out of the Air Filter Housing.  When I removed the old one, it was obviously long over due for replacement, covered with grime.


Old Purge Control Valve



I spent a bit of time cleaning the Crossover pipe on my wire wheel, followed by some buffing with black and rouge compound.  It can look almost as bright as chrome.  As they say, assembly is the reversal.  Next project…


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