Oil Pressure Sender and Oil Pressure Switch

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Oil Pressure Sender (Part Number C46272)

Oil Pressure Switch (Part Number C42200)

18mm Crow’s Foot

19mm Crow’s Foot

Socket Wrench and Long Extension

7/16” Open End Wrench

15/16” Open End Wrench

Anti-Seize Compound


The Oil Pressure Sender is the device used to drive the Oil Pressure Gauge on the dashboard.  The Oil Pressure Switch is used for the “idiot” light on the dash.  On my ’90 Coupe, the Gauge seemed to be reading lower than I would have expected (even after an oil/filter change), so before assuming anything else was wrong, I thought I’d change the Sender first (it did the trick).  While I was there, why not change the Switch as well.  They are both mounted on a pedestal, underneath the center of the rear of the fuel rail (behind the Throttle Pedestal).  The Sender is vertical covered by a rubber boot with a wire coming out of its top, while the Switch is mounted on the right side of the pedestal at a 45 degree angle.  The electrical connector for both of them is a single spade connector.


It is much easier to get to the Sender and Switch if you move the Throttle Pulley out of the way.  Carefully pull the boot off the Sender (grabbing the bottom lip and working around) and unplug the connector.


Oil Pressure Sender/Switch Location

(Viewed from Right Side – Firewall at Left)




I got the Sender for my ’90 Coupe from Captain Jaguar for $57.66 and for my ’91 from JagGraveyard for $40.95.  My latest check at Motorcarsltd.com (their part number IN101449) it was $42.96.  I got my Oil Pressure Switches for my ’90 from Motorcarsltd.com (their part number IN102491) for $15.32 and for my ’91 at AutoPartsGo for only $5.50 (the last I checked Motorcarsltd.com it was down to $5.81).  It’s definitely worth checking around for these parts…  You can see from the picture of the new Sender that the “Nut” is underneath – you’ll need a Crow’s Foot to remove/install the Sender.


Crow’s Foot on Extension


Tape the Crow’s Foot to the extension, otherwise it’ll fall off and you’ll be fishing around for it with a magnet like I did.  The original Sender was 18mm, and the replacement I got was 19mm.  As with any nut/bolt, the point is to make sure you’re using the correct size so you don’t strip it.  The photo on the left below shows tightening down the new Sender with the Crow’s Foot, extension, and socket wrench.  The photo on the right shows the Sender out, and removal of the Switch with a 7/16” open-end wrench.  The new Switch from AutoPartsGo required a 15/16” open-end wrench to install.


Plug the connectors back in, replace the boot on the Sender and, if necessary, replace the Throttle Pulley.  Next Project…


Removing/Reinstalling the Oil Pressure Sender and Switch

(Viewed from Right Side)