Fuel Filter Replacement

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Fuel Filter (EAC 3112)

7/8” Socket

Phillips Head Screwdriver

Flat Head Screwdriver

9mm Socket or Wrench

Medium Size Container/Old Towel/Rag


The Fuel Filter on both my ’90 and ’91 Coupes is located behind the spare tire in the “boot” (trunk).  This is another project that took longer to document than to actually do.


Fuel Filter Location

(Looking Into Trunk with Spare Removed)



First, depressurize the fuel system.  Disconnect the negative (“earth”) cable from the battery.  I wear rubber gloves and safety goggles for this job (this is a “no smoking, no sparks” job).


I got my Fuel Filters for my ’90 Coupe from my local Auto Parts Store (Purolator F60146 - $27.15) and for my ’91 from Motorcarsltd.com (their part number IN100013 – a Bosch F5030) for $10.67 – big difference in price and worth checking around.


Remove the nut holding the spare tire in place with a 7/8” socket or lug wrench, and then pull the tire out.  Remove the carpet on the bottom of the boot (you don’t want it to get gasoline on it, it will smell forever).  Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the two screws holding the filter bracket to the car, and then remove the two screws holding the bracket to the filter.  Put the bracket on the new filter (making sure to orient the filter in the same direction – in/out).


Using a 9mm wrench, remove the top plastic nut from the clamp holding the hoses going into/out of the filter to have more room to work with.


Loosen the clamps from both ends of the filter and move them out of the way.  The new filter comes with caps on both ends – take one off, leaving one on for right now.  Put a towel down and then put the container under the filter.  Put a rag around the end of the old filter that corresponds to the cap you took off from the new one.  Have the new filter close by.  Pull the hose off the old filter – it may squirt out a little gas for a moment (hence the rag), but not for long.  Quickly put the disconnected hose on the new filter - the cap on the other end should stop any gas from coming out.  You may want to put the other cap on the exposed end of the old filter until you’re ready for the other hose.  Take a moment to breath then do the other hose.  The old filter will be full of gas so let it drain out into the container.


New Fuel Filter Installed



Slide the clamps back into place and tighten them.  Attach the filter clamp and hose clamp back to the car.  You may want to consider Renewing the Rear Axle Oil while you’ve got things in the boot open.  Next project…


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