Engine Number

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Every V12 Engine is numbered – a number different from the Vehicle Identification Number.  The “Engine Number” is sometimes needed when researching/ordering parts.


The Engine Number is stamped on the engine on the top at the very rear of the Vee – below the Intake Manifold Crossover (Balance) Pipe - behind and below the Oil Pressure Sender – a couple of inches away from the firewall.  It’s pretty well hidden, impossible to see/reach without removing stuff, and mine were totally covered in gunk.


After I had gotten the Air Pump Check Valve out, I was able to spray the area with some Gumout and, using a 16” long needle nose pliers to hold paper towels, was able to clean up the area to expose the number.  In the picture below, the firewall is immediately to the left, the Manifold Crossover Pipe, Fuel Rail, Air Rail and Air Pump Check Valve are removed.


Location of Engine Number (’91 XJ-S)

(Viewed from Right Side – Center of Firewall Immediately to the Left)



The Engine Number for my ’90 is 8S76450SA and for my ’91 is 8S83073SA.


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