Distributor Air Filter

1990 XJ-S Coupe (US Spec, 5.3L V12)




Distributor Air Filter (Part Number DAC 4062)


The Distributor Air Filter is for the vacuum system intake.  The filter is connected to the distributor via a long hose coming out of the bottom right-rear of the distributor, going along the back of the Vee, around the left-side camshaft cover, along the left-side cross bar (the stiffing bar from the middle of the firewall to the middle of the left fender), and the filter is left hanging out under the mount for the fuses.  At first glance, it looks like there should be a hose connected to the other end of the filter – nope, that’s the air intake.


I got one from Motorcarsltd.com (their P/N IN101911) for $4.80.  Use the pliers to move the green spring-loaded clamp and swap the filter.  Next project…



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