Engine Breather Filter/Capsule

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Grease Cleaning Solution

Wire Wheel

High Heat Clear Paint

Rubber Cleaner

6mm Socket/Wrench or Flathead Screwdriver

10mm Socket

Engine Breather Gasket (Part Number C32366)


The Engine Breather “Filter” (as it is called in the XJ-S Service Manual) or “Capsule” (as its called in the XJ-S Parts Catalog) is enclosed in a housing mounted to the front of the left-side Camshaft Cover – underneath that rubber bulb right in front of the Oil Filler Cap.  It is part of the “Crankcase Ventilation System” (covered in the XJ-S Service Manual Volume 2, Section 17.2 “Emission Control 5.3 Litre”) to allow vapors to escape from the engine.  The Service Manual says to remove the bulb and lift out the capsule.  Being that it is exposed directly to the right side camshaft, the whole assembly can get pretty “gunked” up with oily residue.


Unbolt the filter housing from the front of the engine (two 10mm bolts – no washers).  You can see one of the bolts in the picture below.  Loosen the clamp at the far end of the metal pipe going into the “bulb” – you’ll see that the pipe is “gunked” as well.  Pry the metal strap holding the bulb onto the housing and you’ll get it apart and expose the capsule.



I was able to clean the capsule, housing, and pipe by bathing it in solution a number times/overnight.  I didn’t need a new capsule, and although I’ve heard it is no longer available (Jaguar Part Number C44410), Motorcarsltd.com claims to sell it (their part number IN101423).  I used a wire wheel to clean up the housing and pipe then sprayed them with a clear plasti-cote® engine enamel.  I cleaned the bulb with “Black Chrome”, put it back on the housing and used pliers to squeeze the metal band to hold it together.



Breather Housing Cleaned Up – Ready for Installation



The gasket between the housing and the engine got cracked when I took it off - I got a new one from Motorcarsltd.com (their part number IN101264) for $0.35.  Make sure the old gasket is completely off (I had to use a single-edge razor blade, but it came right off).  Bolt it on and tighten the clamps.  You may want to change the PCV - Purge Control Valve while your right there.  Next project…


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