Air Filters

1990 XJ-S and 1991 XJ-S Classic Collection Coupes (US Spec, 5.3L V12)



Two Air Filters (Part Number EBC 1084)


Unclip the outer Air filter housings (with the “trumpets”) on both sides, removing the Air Temperature Sensor connector on the left-side trumpet.  You may have to let the housings hang then pull out the old filters before you can wiggle the housings away from the car.  I cleaned and repainted them…


I opted to go for the K&N air filters due to their much better airflow and “million mile warranty” (they’re cleanable).  I bought them from (their part number K/N33-2011) - $64.99 each, $129.98 for the pair.  The factory Air Filters are available from a number of sources – I got mine for my ’91 from Terry’s Jaguar, but they are a little cheaper at (their part number IN102304) @ $46.44 a pair – I think I’ve even seen them less elsewhere...


Factory Air Filter – Throttle Side

(Left side goes towards the Front)



Note that it does matter which way the filters are installed – the flat side goes towards the throttle, and the larger “lip” goes towards the front.  In the picture below, the side you see goes away from the throttle.



I've read about others putting a piece of wire across the throttle opening to keep the filter from getting sucked in, but I saw no need for that as long as you put the filter in the correct way.  It easiest to have the housing nearly in place, then slide the filter in.  Press the filter carefully into the outer filter housing and snap it back closed.  Don’t forget to plug the Air Temp Sensor connector back in.


I also put the “Stop – Do Not Discard” sticker supplied with the filter on the right-side housing.



The filters are serviceable (clean and re-oil) using the K&N Recharger Kit, which I was able to get from my local auto parts shop for $12.  Next Project…












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